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I'm a magazine cartoonist based in Los Angeles. My work has appeared in nearly every magazine from Readers Digest to Harvard Business Review. For the last 2 years I served as cartoon editor of Rockstar magazine.


1964 - Born in Erie,PA when I was 0 years old.
1983 - Moved to LA at 19.
1986 - Married at 22.
1992 - Graduated from Grove School of Music.
2000 - Gave up music career for cartooning.
2007 - Started cartoon blog.


I love my family and friends.
And those 3 damn cats.

My life is based on a true story.


Cartooning, playing piano, Jazz, rock and classical music, running, Hitchcock films, Bogart Films, Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, Magic, wine, puzzles, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda. To break things up, let's throw in a pizza and an Adam Sandler flick. Maybe some Zots.